Building an encyclopedia of faces is a huge undertaking and we need your help. We need more face data. Help Facetopo reach 10,000 faces! There are many ways to participate and get involved:


We are counting on big extended of families to join. Similar faces will help us tune our algorithms. Once you have submitted your Facetopo, ask your family members to try it! Siblings, Parents, Kids (age 14 and over is best), Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. 


Do you have an identical twin? Do you have a lookalike? Do you know a set of identical twins? We hope that identical twins will help us test the accuracy of our app.


Facetopo is interested in event partners! We are planning events all over the world. Facetopo embraces diversity. Are you interested in helping to organize a Facetopo event in your area? Organize a Facetopo #inyourface event in your community, makerspace, school, church, or organization! We've got a toolkit to help you get started. 


It's a numbers game. Basically, the more people who participate by making Facetopos, the more likely you are to find a Facetopo of your face twin in our database! We're hoping thousands, maybe millions of interesting and interested folks will help build the Facetopo citizen science project by contributing their Facetopo to our giant pool of data.

Connect with our social media (links below) and stay in the loop!