With nearly 5000 Facetopo Users now, things are about to get interesting!

This month, the Facetopo elves are busy making Facetopo better with exciting new features for you to learn #whatsinaface, and improved UI design.

With the version 2.61 (2.63 for Android) release in October in the appstore and googleplay. Users are able to make higher resolution 3D facemaps, our new tech provides over 2500 datapoints per face. Now at nearly 5000 Users, we are analyzing our data and developing algorithms. 

The next release 2.7 will be ready for Betatesting around Christmas-time, it will fix a bug in the photo sharing, and also include a feature that forces Users to update to the current version of the app as we need to get all Users up-to-date with our latest tech. 2.7 should release in January, then subsequent released will include:

Photo Gallery - you'll be able to see all of your selfies (and share them!) - we've been storing them for you, though we haven't had a way for you to see them once you pass the screen in the app

Rewards points to unlock face stats features and fun selfie filters: Users will get 20 points per capture and 5 points per share - Gamify this!

We need a minimum of 2 Captures (and preferably 3) to get an accurate facemap of any User. A newly designed UI will remind you of this once you finish your first capture

You will be able to see your Leadership Quotient, share and compare with friends!

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