Updated: May 30, 2020

Facetopo had an amazing year in 2017! We are thankful for all of our growth, new community members, collaborators, and partnerships! Thanks to all who joined in and participated!

In 2017, we implemented big improvements in the Facetopo app. We methodically attacked each painpoint in 1.4 and released version 2.0 with fully automated 3D facial mapping, a much-improved (and slightly gamified) Capture UI, and selfie sharing.

We completed our version 2.0 betatesting of Facetopo app with the support of our betatesters and fellow co-workers at Workbar. We analyzed the 3D face data from 40 testers and were quite pleased with the results, which we published in an informal poster presentation "Initial Quantitation of 3D Facial Features From Volunteer Facetopo Testers: The Facetopo Citizen Science Project."

The poster was shared at the Facetopo booth at AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) at Family Science Days. As part of our AAAS outreach, we released version 2.14 of the Facetopo app with the new Fun Selfies feature which was a big hit at the event.

In March, Facetopo participated in CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) Venture Cafe - Female Founders Night by demoing our app and sharing about its potential to the tech startup community.

Later in the spring, Facetopo engineers build a machine learning tool to increase the resolution of our facial-mapping software so we could upgrade our facial mapping technology over the summer. Each Capture now yields 2500+ data points per face.

In August as part of Twinsfest, we launched a call for twins for a Facetopo study and we look forward to beginning that study in 2018.

In October we were thrilled to participate in Hubweek 2017, Boston's festival of art, technology, and innovation. Our Facetopo popup: Faces of Boston (in partnership with artists Kate True, Gulnara Niaz Photography, Emily Gallardo, and Blackbird Doughnuts) was a huge success! Our tricked-out selfies for science photobooth, mirrored shipping container, portrait gallery, and Blackbird Doughnut giveaways at Boston's City Hall Plaza drew hundreds of curious visitors.

We are finishing out 2017 with a wonderful interview by Heidi Legg published in the (Dec. 21, 2017) READ IT HERE and (Nov. 11, 2017) READ IT  HERE

Exciting updates and features are ahead for Facetopo Users in 2018! We are developing and planning: Facematching, Leadership Quotients and more. Tell your friends about Facetopo! Thank you for your support. #facetopo #selfiesforscience #itsinyourface

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