Updated: May 30, 2020

Spring brings growth! In Facetopo v. 2.11 (Android v. 2.14) usability and reproducibility are hugely improved, bringing us that much closer our goal of 10K accurate facetopos -- and our first Facetree analysis!

Facetopo 2.0 is full of new features. With the original Facetopo 1.0 that released last March, we got the basics down: account creation, User instructions, and data sending. Those are really the only things that we kept. Everything else is different in 2.0.

A simple and minimal UX is the key to reproducibility, and reproducibility means accuracy! We've worked to massively simplify our User experience. Many lessons learned from 1.0 that make 2.0 so much better:

  • Users don't have the patience for placing facial landmarks manually by hand. So we made the magic happen in 2.0: facial landmark placement is fully automatic. 

  • We got rid of the Gizmo adjuster and replaced it with a little game that tells you to look forward while your face is being mapped, and to carefully adjust your face to place the dot inside the ring (the dot follows the movement of the tip of your nose) - much more intuitive. You’re welcome ;)

  • 1.0 Users told us it was hard to know if their face was in full profile for the side shot -- so we did away with that too. In 2.0 the User only needs to turn their face slightly from side-to-side (like shaking ‘no’ very carefully). Play the little minigame (again, the dot follows the tip of your nose) by rotating your face left-right-left-etc. to get the dot inside the ring. It’s easy -- but for best results you must keep your head still and only turn your face. Got it?

  • Some of our 1.0 Users were really pissed off (!!) when they didn’t receive anything after completing a Facetopo. For 2.0 we developed a new “Fun Selfie” feature. After you’re done with the serious scientific business of creating an accurate facetopo 3D facemap (without smiling or talking!) you get to make a silly face, put a filter on it, and save or share it. We provide four filter options: 1) silly me, 2) dot map, 3) ‘mad’ scientist, and 4) ‘nerdy.’ Tell us which ones you like best and submit your ideas for new ones - we’ve got more fun selfie filters on the way!

  • A brand-new feature in v. 2.0 is your facial symmetry score. How does yours compare with your friend's? In the next version we're planning more fun with this feature. Stay tuned!

So, if you’re on board, and you’ve done Facetopo 1.0 we need you to get with the program and RECAPTURE with the *new* and *improved* Facetopo 2.0!! Check out our new pink hair!!

Since we need millions of faces to make Facetopo the big data project it truly needs to be, we need your help spreading the word! Please share your fun selfies and get your friends to do it too!  

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