Celebrity Lookalikes... Or Not?

Updated: May 30, 2020

Contributed by Kat Hughes

Being in the throes of the NBA finals has reminded us of a fun Huffpo piece during March Madness breaking down the championship’s main players and their celebrity lookalikes.

While a lot of them were totally spot-on (Mark Hamill and Ron Baker! Jubril Adekoya and Mekhi Phifer!) others were a bit off the mark. This kind of article is now a pretty standard format, from other sports events like the Superbowl (Richard Sherman and Busta Rhymes) to historical figures who look just like contemporary celebrities (Alec Baldwin and President Millard Fillmore). The curators of these popular articles are able to find celebrities with lookalikes, but when we try to find our own celebrity twins, things are a little messier - we’re not all as lucky as this girl. There are loads of apps out there claiming to find your celebrity mirror, but so far reviews are pretty abysmal.

And actually, that makes sense - these apps are using the photo each user provides, and matches the lighting and head angles of user/celebrity pics just as much as any actual facial similarities! But what about an app that creates a 3D map of your face, and compares THAT to other faces to find actual lookalikes? At Facetopo, we’re aiming for just that - a simple, easy to use facemapping technology that would accurately assess thousands of other faces for real, 3D similarities.

As we approach the finish line of App development, we’d like to invite YOU to sign up for betatesting! Register on the Facetopo website to be alerted when the App is ready for testing, and be one of the first to REALLY see your double!

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