Updated: May 30, 2020

As the leaves have finally started turning and it’s getting cold enough to break out our cozy sweaters, we look ahead to the holiday season. FaceTopo is especially excited, not just because of the delicious food and gathering of loved ones, but because the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, is a great opportunity for a citizen science experiment!

Family gatherings are a great opportunity for FaceTopo to collect facial data and study faces within families. Why do some siblings look very obviously similar while others you would never guess are related? Having FaceTopos from blood relatives will help us study what it is about facial features that signify family relationships. One’s facial topography may also be able to help us connect facial traits and ancestral roots. People who come from certain areas of the world tend to have commonalities in their facial features that might have become less obvious over generations. Having data from multiple relatives could make it possible to discover something new about your family! 

Finally, we are working to reach our goal of 10,000 users! FaceTopo-ing as a family this holiday season is a great way to help the entire Facetopo community! The more data we have to work with, the more we can discover—and the more you and your family can discover about yourselves too.

Just remember, every User needs to create their own Facetopo User account, and we need to keep it to adult faces for now (ages 14 and up).

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