Updated: May 30, 2020

We’re getting there! #first500

Are you an early adapter? We hope you’ll be one of Facetopo’s #first500!

In creating a Facetopo, a good Selfie Capture is essential! This blog will explain how to get the best results.


  • Make sure the sound is ON for your device (Capture is guided by audio cues)

  • Stand facing a mirror or wall. Place your device flat against it. Try a bathroom (often has good vanity lighting.)

  • Check yourself out in the selfie camera: Your face should be shadow-free. You want to avoid a backlit or side-lit selfie. Move to another spot if you need to.

  • If you have a long hairstyle or bangs, check to make sure your ears and eyebrows are completely showing. 

  • Practice turning your head to profile. Find a spot to aim for over your right shoulder. Don’t overturn for your side pic (keep the head turn less than 90 degrees)

  • Stay the same distance from camera for both pics and try to keep your neck in the same spot and turn only your face

  • When you're ready tap START and Facetopo will capture your Selfies

All photos by Gulnara Niaz Photographer Special thanks to Harlan Bosmajian for lighting consultation

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