Updated: May 30, 2020

It's easy to make a Facetopo. You only need wifi and about 10 minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. Using your iPad (preferred - larger screen size is easier to see) or iPhone, go the iTunes App Store  and search for “Facetopo” and install

  2. Create your private Facetopo User account

  3. Get ready for your close-up. If you have long hair or bangs put them back so both of your ears and eyebrows are completely visible. Make sure your device audio is on and not on mute.

  4. Check yourself out. Put your device flat on a wall to eliminate extra angles. Are there shadows on your face? Move to a different wall. Adjust your distance from the camera so your face fits inside the outline. Practice turning to profile - 90 degrees so you can find a visual spot. If straight ahead is noon, look to 3 o'clock for the profile pic.

  5. Capture your Selfies. When you're ready tap START the app will automatically take your front selfie, and a voice will guide you and tell you when to turn to profile, and the app will take your side selfie. No need to peek at the camera, keep your gaze even and straight ahead. 

  6. Check your Selfies. Review the checklists for both front and side pics. You can RETAKE them as many times as you like. When you tap ACCEPT we’ll generate your face-map

  7. Improve the accuracy of your face-map in front view, by dragging the dots if they're not perfect

  8. Then you’ll map your side photo by placing some dots

  9. Then watch the GIZMO autoalign to your side pic to bring it into 3D space. You can then manually adjust the GIZMO if needed

  10. Set the remaining dots in Side view

  11. Tap SEND DATA and you’ll see your face in 3D. Share it!

Please spread the word about Facetopo and help us get our #first500! Here’s the link to share for Facetopo App free iTunes download:

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