Updated: May 30, 2020

Becoming a citizen scientist is a lot easier than you thought!

As you may have heard, FaceTopo v2.6 is now LIVE in the iTunes and Googleplay stores! Making a FaceTopo is even faster now - it only takes a minute or two. We’ve also added improved accuracy through higher-resolution face maps. We hope this will incentivize as many people as possible to join in on our global science project.

If you’ve previously tried FaceTopo, definitely update to this latest version! We have made myriad improvements to the Setup and Capture Instructions and now the facemapping is 100% automatic. (Dragging and adjusting nodes to match your facial features is ancient history!) Plus we have a new and fun photostrip feature we think you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget: it takes at least 2 Facetopo captures to most accurately map your face!

Some tips for getting the most accurate FaceTopo capture possible: remove glasses, refrain from talking during capture (and keep a neutral facial expression), and try to position yourself somewhere that has even lighting. Harsh and uneven lighting can make facial features appear distorted on camera.

Even though 2.6 just dropped last week, we’re already at work developing versions 2.7-3.0. This will include a highly-anticipated facematch feature that we're really excited about. In the coming months, we’ll be updating our blog here more regularly. Face-mapping and facial recognition have been receiving more attention lately, and we want to offer our take on it. On the blog you’ll also be able to keep up with the latest developments to the app, new version release dates, and much more.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey of discovery with Facetopo!

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