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young woman and young man looking at iphone mobile phone selfies

Facetopo is an independent creative technology project headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


Developed in collaboration with top makeup artists, beauty gurus, AI software engineers, and computational biologists, the Facetopo app helps busy women understand how to enhance their own natural beauty.


Facetopo Founder Alberta Chu thrives on converging technology and art. With Facetopo she applies facemapping technology to makeup artistry to build a digital tool for visualizing faces that can be used by makeup enthusiasts of all levels, as well as beauty educators and content creators. Facetopo provides a new way for customers to discover and engage with beauty products.


Alberta Chu is passionate about converging art, technology, and culture. In the pre-internet dark ages she established A.S.K. an agency providing science consulting to Hollywood writers and filmmakers. After a decade of producing award-winning popular science documentaries in Los Angeles, she relocated to Boston to inspire public audiences with stories of innovation at the intersection of art and technology by making films for museums and universities. Along the way, in producing cultural events such as film screenings, panel discussions, experiential pop-ups, and art exhibitions, she realized her passion for building connections across diverse groups. With Facetopo, Alberta continues to build community around inspiration, learning and creativity. 


Each new Facetopo app feature is designed with the intention of illuminating a fresh perspective, inviting experimentation and play. Facetopo is here to support all who want to look and feel better, improve themselves, and boost self-confidence.


With Facetopo, art and technology converge to elevate beauty and mindset for all.

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