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Why should I join the Facetopo project? What will I get out of it? 

Through your participation in the Facetopo citizen science project you will learn about your facial features, how unique you are, and how you fit into our universe of diverse human adult faces! When you've made an accurate facemap (on average, it takes 3 facemapping attempts but it could be more depending on your situation) the Facetopo app generates your custom face analysis results based on your 3D facemap. The facial analysis results features we are developing include: 1) compare your facial features to others, 2) find my facetwin, 3) what's my face shape? and 3) what does my face convey about my personality? These features will be released in June 2020. Many branches of science study faces including: psychology, forensic anthopology, and facial morphology. 

Who will see my selfies?

Your privacy is important to Facetopo. Only you can access your face data via your password-protected Facetopo account. Facetopo data scientists will use your selfies internally for visual reference purposes; they will not be shared. We are developing new features that will enable you to share your own selfies and facemaps if you choose to. There will be different levels of sharing, and you will control who sees your photos. 

How will my facemap be used?

Your anonymized facemap data will be included in our big data analyses, but it will have no connection to your identity. Facetopo keeps your personal data private and secure.

Can I join if I'm under age 14?

Only with parental consent. We're only analyzing ADULT faces at the moment. Tell your adults about Facetopo and get them to do it. We do plan to add kid and family face features later on.

I want to share my Facetopo 3D facemap. Is this possible?

Yes it is! Just follow the instructions in the app, and be sure to tag us #facetopo 

I don’t have an iPhone, how can I make a Facemap?

The Facetopo App is now available in the Google Play store. Don't have a smartphone? You could ask your adult, or your buddy with an iPhone or iPad or android phone to download the Facetopo App and you can create a Facetopo User account and make a Facetopo using their device. 

What features are being developed? 

We are planning a Website for Users to login to their Facetopo account to see all of their facetopos (3D facemaps, selfies, and facestats) all in one place, with features like:

  • Global Facetree - a visualization of taxonomy of faces of the world. Users can see which branches of the tree correlate with their face.

  • Facetopo Family Tree - A User can help their family make Facetopos and link them all under one User account. User will be able to Import photos to create facetopos of ancestors, and create a visual family tree. Users can import and map ancestors/family faces over generations and see how parent’s faces have combined in children.

  • My Facetwin - Users can opt-in to be notified of other Users that have a face match greater than 90% (% to be confirmed).

  • User Profile questionnaire