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Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Just last week, The HUB at City Hall Plaza showcased a huge range of Boston’s diverse innovation culture, from MIT, to art collectives, and tech startups. Facetopo was super-excited to participate in such a phenomenal event with such great company! Some of our favorite containers were MIT’s Robot Party and Now+There’s Slideshow, Castledrone’s edgy art installation, and of course #NeonDreams.

The Facetopo crew got down to business early Sunday morning, transforming our Faces of Boston Popup container into a mirrored space. We designed our Selfies for Science photo booth for visitors to take the ultimate selfies, with even lighting on the face while the phone is placed flat on the wall for Facetopo captures. 

Citizen Scientists who installed the Facetopo iOS app (or Facetopo for Android version) and made #selfiesforcience at Hubweek received photostrip souvenirs and also a chance to win Blackbird Doughnuts giveaways we raffled off all day long. Congrats to all of the lucky winners of our Blackbird Doughnuts giftcards!

Faces of Boston featured a Portrait Gallery featuring the work of photographer Gulnara Niaz and artists Kate True and Emily Gallardo; their portrait work was admired by all throughout the day. Visitors were able to commission walnut ink portraits from life painted by artist Kate True. Many visitors received discount coupons for portrait photography from Gulnara Niaz Photography for future use. Emily Gallardo’s portrait embroidery kits were a wonderful addition to the afternoon.

We, along with all of our wonderful partners and volunteers, had a great time bringing science and art together for the public at Hubweek 2017! Thanks to all who stopped by!!

In case you couldn't make it, you can still jump in and join the Facetopo community. Just install the app (FREE!) iTunes App Store or Android version in Google Play, create your own private account, and make your private 3D facemap accessible only to you.

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